About 3V Labs

We are fully dedicated on strengthening the Web3 ecosystem by serving as your strategic partner, conveying the best domain expertise into actionable growth steps.

Why we're here

As builders, founders, and connectors we were resolute in creating a reliable and strong organisation that partners with Web3 projects allowing them to reach their needed operational flexibility and execution speed. This is the reason why 3V Labs is born and strives.


Veni, vidi, vici. We come, we observe, and we win.

Our mission and promise to you is that simple.


Our Values

We step in to step up your game, with the utmost professionalism. We execute fast high-quality work, mainly driven by:

Relentless Focus

Constant Adaptability

Contagious Enthusiasm

Our Hubs


Our Team

Meet the team helping the leaders of the new economy implementing Web3-based innovations, and tackling market peculiarities, informational complexity and asymmetries.

Lorenzo F. Villa

Mark Mercatali

Federico Drei

Raffaele Geneletti

Alexis Patin

Danilo Giudice

Federica Di Pietrantonio

Bianca Caliandro

Ayush Triphati

Peter Meszaros

David Virabian

Pasquale Finiello

Luis Hauenstein

Maria Andreeva

Dina Gaikova

William R. Depoorter

Boil Hristov

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